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The Real Underdogs

Real Underdogs
by Jeannie Weber, Executive Director

For those may not have heard, the Chicago Cubs won.

It is fairly certain that all reading this have heard that Chicago is now moving on to the National League Championship. And, because they have been defined as underdogs for so many decades, most realize that the Cubs have not really won like this since 1908.

I’ll be honest. I didn’t watch any of the games. I’ll be honest again; the only way I have enjoyed watching the Cubs in my lifetime is at Wrigley field, or, in my grandma and grandpa’s living room, where EVERY Cubs game was blasted and I was able to see the postured C.P. Toal unravel, either with exuberance or disgust; inning, after inning, after inning, after inning ---

Observing social media this week, I saw die-hard fans joined by so-so or no-go fans, supporting, and connecting to the “underdogs.” It was wonderful to see so many people, from all walks of life, come together to celebrate something good. I then began to think about how glorious our surroundings would be if we fans of the underdog took it to another level.

Most underdogs are not wearing a uniform. Underdogs include the child that is struggling socially or academically in school; the elderly person who is alone wishing to have someone to talk to; the man on the street who doesn’t speak English and just needs help with directions; the developmentally disabled adult who wants to have a life like everyone else; the single mom who would give anything for a moment of peace --- that didn’t come at 11 p.m. when she was too tired to enjoy it; the agency that finds a way to continue to feed thousands of community residents when state funding has ceased;  the recovering addict who wants to make his or her way without judgement; the critically ill patient who fights with everything in them to survive; or the co-worker who continues to come in every day, never allowing anyone to know just how difficult it was to get up that morning.

Frankly, we all have a little underdog in us at some point in our life.

“when in this world the headlines read
of those whose hearts are filled with greed
who rob and steal from those who need
to right this wrong with blinding speed
goes Underdog! Underdog! Underdog! Underdog!”

Congratulations to the Cubs and all of the hard core fans that never gave up on them. I know that C.P. Toal is smiling from heaven at this win. With that said, my wish is for all of us to be more supportive fans to the real underdogs.

Now that... would really hit it out of the park!