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Len G. Everett Trust

Still Life With Funnels, by Len G. Everett


Len G. Everett was a renound artist as well as a Kirkwood, Illinois/Warren County native. While alive, Everett was a great supporter of local arts, as well as to Warren County United Way, as he believed in our mission. Upon his death in 1984, he left a large bequest in our name. This bequest to Warren County United Way from Mr. Everett, is held in a special trust administered by a community committee in cooperation with members of Warren County United Way's board of directors. In addition, any income gained from this endowment is given back to the community in the way of grants and special projects.

This wonderful gift allows Warren County United Way to extend every dollar donated to annual campaigns directly to member agencies!

In addition to his gift to Warren County United Way, he made another bequest to Monmouth College. Within Hewes Library, there are two galleries in his name on the upper level. These galleries provide ever-changing and unique exhibitions, which are open to all residents within the community. For more information on the Len G. Everett Galleries, please follow the link below: